Apple products never fail to amuse us


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  1. Posted by SomebodyNamedSomething, — Reply

    Ok but the easiest thing to lose is your Nintendo ds or 3ds stylus because if you didn’t the exact right size it would just fall out

  2. Posted by Namenamenameusername, — Reply

    I cannot bring myself to buy AirPods for the sole fact that they are so easy to lose while being so expensive. It’s almost like Apple deliberately designed something you’d likely have to replace......

  3. Posted by ainsyb320, — Reply

    I thought it was a sqaure frog face at first lol

  4. Posted by lillian5annette, — Reply

    That’s how I’ve always felt about the phone wallets or stuff like this lol

  5. Posted by maknaechu__, — Reply

    Its funny how I saw this when i was looking for BTS lock screen wallpapers. 😂 Only ARMY’s would understand why this is funny.

  6. Posted by ImmoAndAnxiety, — Reply

    Haha! It looks like a concerned frog

  7. Posted by mollyrose3969, — Reply

    It looks like a face lol

  8. Posted by a_citrus_friend, — Reply

    That’s the most flattered yet worried looking frog ever “owo senpai called me cute? Blushes”

  9. Posted by hey_demons_its_yaboi, — Reply

    Lol I lose my phone all the time this wouldnot work for me

  10. Posted by payton_herbert, — Reply

    how u supposed to charge them lol

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